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O.K. Guys-here it is

O.K. I changed the oil, filter, AND the oil pressure sending unit (and wasn't THAT in a tight spot! There are times that being a women comes in handy-fitting a wrench into a tight spot is one of them!) I re-filled it with my usual 15-40 weight oil...heated it up to 90 degrees...when actually driving-above 20 mph it reads 3 (yeah!!) when stopped, or at idle, it reads 1.5 or higher..this is good right? The reason I ask is, I swear, the damned gauge NEVER read right-it used to ALWAYS read 3-ALL of the time...( I also had a temp gauge that NEVER read above 80-UNTILL I had the new head gasket installed at 100,000 miles-then it started to work...) So how about it guys-is anything between 3 and 1.5 O.k. (3 at normal driving speed) ??? In other words did I fix this for $75.00 (and your help...)??
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