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I'm becoming very skeptical about the Starmark warranty and dealers. I'm not surprised a dealer tried the "sliding" coverage b.s., but that is a pretty slimy move even for a dealer.

On those items that are truly covered, the warranty does pick it up, but then you still have to contend with the dealer's service department--not always a pleasant experience. I will not use my local dealer any more because of inappropriate comments, poor workmanship, damage to the car, and extraordinary pricing. My next nearest dealer will very pleasantly arrange the service then put me in a loaner car (last time, for the first time, it was at least a c-class but it was extraordinarily filthy and had been used by several heavy smokers in a row judging by the thickness of the nicotine film on the windshield) while they take days to perform the simplest tasks. Last visit it took them 9 working days to find and fix a broken wire in the driver's electric seat adjustment system. 9 working days! Consequently I took my car to the dealer from which I had purchased the car (very inconvenient to me but I thought it might be worth the effort). I found out that the only sunroof components covered by the Starmark warranty are the cables. They did give me a loaner 2001 e-class (but only after I had rather aggresively asked for it even though their advertising had promised it). The work was done on time (to the tune of $1000) but the interior of my car was littered with debris (grease on the console, cigarette wrapper under the front floor mat--and I don't smoke, broken plastic parts from the sunroof tucked under the back side of the front seat, a greasy piece of something from the sunroof between the seat cushion and the seatback on the passenger side, a piece of grey foam under the front passenger seat, and the radio tuned loudly to a rap station).

I have a trusted mechanic I take my non-warranty stuff to and he is such a pleasant change from dealer's service departments!

Dealers are cutting their own throats.

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