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Hi Bill and and Alon- thanks for sharing.... unfortunately we are challenged by this situation in our current point in time

that being the case, ...these are my tools-

>communication skills
>people skills: persuasion & influence
>positive attitude and posture: setting realistic expectations, common sense
>emotional control: logic based discussions & communication
>understanding and employing all appropriate protocol: within the business organization itself, outside the business, legal

>>empathy (understanding):
>the service department is a business and all businesses have ongoing and daily challenges to work with: staff calling in sick, inconsistent performance, parts unavailability, flat out errors, under-skilled staff, etc.
>MB reality: the law of supply and demand- oversupply of MBs to work on (flooded market of low end and leased vehicles), over-scheduled appointments, unscheduled vehicles dropping in
>repairing a car often is not accomplished using an add water and stir recipe & therefore more craftsmanship/time (this is applicable to my car or the car in front of me)
>techs and staff are individuals with their own habits and scruples- some habits=good and some= not so good...and people have good days and bad days

...oh, and it helps to be a charismatic person as well-

>repair issues, inappropriate condition of a returned vehicle, damages caused to a subject vehicle while in the shop, etc. all have established remedies whether service is provided by a factory authorized dealer or a private shop

...and one of the ultimate satisfactions in life is to achieve the most desired outcome- using your skills, but not necessarily doing the work yourself

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