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ADS = Adaptive Damping System

The M.B. ADS (Yes!, there is an M.B. system with that acronym, as there is also another one with the acronym ASD) was an extra-cost option only on the W140 and R129 series.

The SL code designation was 216 and was called "Level Control on Front and Rear Axle with Adaptive Damping System (ADS)". In 1995 the extra costed D.M. 6,100.00, and it could be fitted to the 300SL, 300SL-24, and 500SL.

The S-class code designation was 217 and was called "Self-Levelling Suspension on rear Axle with Adaptive Damping System (ADS) in Front and Rear Axles". It could be fitted to any model from the S320 up to the S600. The extra costed D.M. 4,225.00 for the S320/S420/S500 and D.M. 2,710.00 for the S600 (since the S600 had already the Self-Levelling Suspension as standard equipment).

The ADS system is not related at all to ASD or ASR.

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