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ADS / ASD / ASR / ETS 4 Different Things!

People, Pleople, get your act together! (Just kidding!)

But, to clarify the waters, here it is a simple description of the differences between ADS, ASD and ASR / ETS.

ADS = Adaptive Damping System
Details in my previous reply above.

ASD = Automatic Locking Differential

ASD monitors wheel slippage using the same sensors as ABS (Anti-lock Braking System). During acceleration at lower speeds, if the system detects wheel slippage, the differential automatically locks until traction is regained.

ASR = Automatic Slip Control

ASR acts on the rear wheels during acceleration, controlling both the brakes and/or the throttle in order to mantain maximun traction, control and directional stability.

ETS = Electronic Traction System

ETS senses drive-wheel slip under acceleration up to approx. 25 m.p.h. and individually brakes the slipping wheel to regain traction.

ASR = Automatic Slip Control

ASR senses drive-wheel slip under acceleration at any speed and individually brakes the slipping wheel and/or reduces engine torque bu cutting back throttle until available traction is regained.

The last four systems explained all deal with traction, and are completely unrelated to ADS, which is a very sophisticated (and expensive) suspension system (the father of ABC?)

The C-Class in 1995 had the ETS as part of Optional Package C1 in the C230, and the ASR was fitted to the C280 if the same optinal package was ordered.

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