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How many Kms has the motor done? Have u owned it since new or second hand, if so what does the sevice history tell you?

Blue/white smoke after startup could mean you need to check
1- air and fuel filters for serviceability
2- i would definatly get a cold compression test done (also a hot). What this usually shows is a below specification compression reading, if you having rough idle & smoke & it clears up after engine warms up.. a sure indication of sticking/worn valve stems/guides .

This is where the rough running comes into play. the smoke is engine oil that has 'dribbled' down along the valve stems and past (probably now) unservicable valve stem seals, overnight and is burnt off during ignition untill it diapears.

Depending on the compression tests results, you may unfortunatly be heading for a cylinder head overall. The valves & guides & seals would then all be replaced. Suggest if this is the case, get a well qualified tech / mb mechanic to quote you & do the nessesary work.

Let us know what the results of 1 & 2 are before you go ahead with any big expences & ill keep you on the right track

PS all vechiles must use 'some oil' for just such a problem ie. upper cylinder lubrication is needed & piston ring to bore (cylinder clearance) lubrication is critical, but thats for another discussion.

See you

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