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Hi Bill- sounds like you've got all the bases covered

...and I feel for you- I've been there and risk being there- it is truly unfortunate when the service experience fails to be consistent with the high quality motoring enjoyment/ ownership experience provided by these types of vehicles

...when retrieving my vehicle from factory authorized service, I customarily visit the cashier first to view the final RO/billing invoice- specifically to see details (not necessarily to pay- - but as a primary step before my inspection)

meanwhile, the car is valet'd around and if no questions arise, I proceeed to pay then do my inspection/ if however- questions arise as to billing or repair/service work, or condition of the car, etc- - the SA is immediately involved

...oh, and I do go over the car with a fine tooth comb when I pick it up- - even to the point of car duster, Quick Detailer, and a soft white cotton towel to the OE 8-hole Chromies (not to mention interior inspection); if anything is not correct- again I speak to my SA; (I believe that my SA now monitors the entire service/ repair process just ensure that we have a happy and fruitful relationhip)

the good news is that after almost 3 years of forging this relationship with the SAs, techs, shop foreman- - a good 90% of the time the service experience goes according to plan

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