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In Canada we oil spray our cars to prevent rust and corrosion underneath the car (chassis). The winter here is isane and it seems to never end.

sbourg: Thank you for the tip on the rack. I should have described the noise further or better than I did. The steering gear is fine the pump is fine as is the belt. The noise isn't a screeching you'd associate with steering (I always hear them on GMC Safari/Cheverolet Astro vans) That noise is due to belt slipping and low fluid in the pump right?

All I can say is that there is an occasional squeeking/groaning sound up front in the car at low speeds, and there is a groaning from the back end at low speeds. I'm betting it is suspension related, as the suspension is all original.

Sub frame mounts?
Shock tower bushings?

I'm confused!!!!!

Thank you for everything so far guys, I have tried the 2X4 test and the noise isn't made when going over the boards. It seems to be on uneven surfaces where the suspension is working overtime.

Any ideas???

I don't know where to start....
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