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M110 Engine -Trans Mismatch

(Also posting on Vintage Forum)

So I take my rebuilt M110 off the engine stand and position it on my low bench, ready for the transmission. Remember that the engine is later than the car (73 280C) and came with the flywheel/flex plate assembled. Then I position the transmission ever so carefully with my floor jack and put them together. No go - the two mating surfaces stop about .25 inches apart. After several attempts I regroup and discover that the hub of the torque converter is bigger than the hole in the crank assembly where it is supposed to fit.

Cursing silently but eloquently, I examine the flywheel assembly. It looks to me like there is a bushing of sorts in the center of the flywheel assembly that is reducing the size of the hole where the TC hub would go. This bushing looks like it could be pressed in or held in place by the flex plate.

Has anyone seen this before? The parts book shows two different TC's but not much else.

Do I need a different size bushing, or just remove the one that is in there?

Does the flex plate need to come off to get the bushing out?


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