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Well, the 230E turns out to be a 1981 model. A 123.223 with a 102.980 engine. The donor car for the seats turns out to be a 1976, so probably a 115, meaning the seats will probably not fit. Nonetheless, it's hard to beat the price (free).
From some of the other threads, I understand there are timing chain and tensioner issues (looks like about $400 to $500) on early 102 engines before driving this thing home. Also, I think it would be a good candidate for alternator brushes and a water pump. I suspect it has a radiator with a plastic top also. In reality, the value of the new tires probably exceeds the value of the car, however, I am still tempted to try to save this old gasser just for the fun of it. Could somebody recommend a shop in North Atlanta which could be depended on to do the timing chain and tensioner work correctly? Is changing a water pump on a 102 a reasonable DIY in the driveway project, say, similar to a 300D? Would appreciate any words of wisdom and advice. Thanks

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