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As an enthusiast that is always looking for ways to better the performance and care of his car I have been doing some research about the differnce of oils. It has come to my attention that Castrol Syntec is considered by many not to be a true synthetic because it uses class 3 bases(by-product waxes) instead of the higher class(olefins) 4. Red-Line Oil uses esters(class5) which are better than even olefins aliet more expensive to make. But as allowed by the all knowing oil gods (NARC) Castrol has been allowed to continue marketing it as a true synthetic!!

My question is if anyone else knows about this ? Also that since it costs less to make class 3 oil but can still call it synthetic,,others are going to do the same thing and this is most dicouraging . Please let others know about this outrage and that we have to stop this befor we are all buying petrol oil with a drop of sythetic in it and being sold as "full sythetic". Please post any info that anyone finds about the subject,,thank you

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