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Ah, oil. Quite possibly the most hotly debated topic on this forum.

There's a ton of information (and argument) regarding Castrol Syntec in the forums on the Volkswagen TDI club webpage:

Apparently, Castrol Syntec was originally a "true" synthetic, but they later discreetly changed the formula without changing the packaging or the marketing.

Volkswagen dealerships use Syntec in their maintenance of the TDI engine, and it's what I bought from them when I started doing my own oil changes in our Beetle TDI. I plan to change to a different compression-rated synthetic (such as Mobil Delvac 1) at my next oil change on the Beetle, and plan to start using a NON-CASTROL compression-rated oil, such as Shell Rotella or Mobil Delvac, in my 240D whenI get the engine reassembled.

Keep in mind, of course, that Castrol Syntec is a fine and good motor oil. It has properties comparable to other synthetics on the market, and it will lubricate your engine just fine. However, I personally disagree with Castrol's marketing scheme, calling Syntec a "FULL SYNTHETIC" right on the bottle, when it indeed is not; therefore, I will NOT continue to use their product.

- Nathan
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P.S. I predict that by this time tomorrow, this thread will have 3 pages of replies
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