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Dorsey Lay
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190e won't start

Hello I have a starting problem, so here I am. I went out to change a flat today in my parking lot, tight space so I turned the car around. Started right up, turned it around and changed the tire. I left my in dash CD on so I could listen to it. While I was outside I changed my turn signal bulbs and my fog bulbs. Got in the car, it won't start! No sound, nothing. Tried it in neutral, nothing the first two times. The third time I tried it no engine noise but I got a sound like the CD motor was pushing out the CD from the center dash. I took the CD out and took the removable radio face off. Tried again and got the same sound however no start. I got some help and had this person try to start the car while I was under the hood. No start, so I checked the battery terminals and ground wires, OK. I had him start it again as I was pushing down on a red 10Amp fused box behind the battery. It did not strat but turned over very slowly. Several hours later I went back out to see if it would turn over, it still turns slow but no start. This was a sudden problem as this car always starts on the first turn of the key. Any help apperciated, thank you.
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