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Thank you for the info!

I'm glad to hear from someone who knows what a Canadian winter is like. I'll be spending some time up in Barrie this winter so when the car isn't in the garage (probably putting it away from November-Jan/Feb) I'd like to keep components in good condition until I know exactly what needs replacing......

A lot of the components for the 5 link rear suspension seem perfectly reasonable but, the prices are in US dollars. D@mn.

I did get some chassis lube though and a brush and brushed grease around any rubber bushings I could find, I did the front end as well, including tie rod ends.

Anybody know how much the job would be to replace most of the links in the rear with labour included??? 1K? 2K?
For the time being, I'll get the car oil sprayed and hope everything stays okay....

Anything else anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you,
Mike McKinney
190E 2.6 - 244 000 km
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