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The modulator is the black device on the left. The pressure point is where you put the gauge to read pressures. You aren't going to need that unless you loose track of how much you are turning the mod adjustment.

BTW, the picture is of the early modulator without antitamper cap. If you look closely one can see that the adjustment key fits into castellated housing. On the new style the castellations are in the cap and nothing holds it with the cap on.

Yes the 201 and 202 chassis are a bummer to do this adjustement. Some relief can be had by lowering the rear trans support if you get in a bind.

The adjustment I am suggesting will increase mod pressure and system pressure as a result. Firmer shifts. The amount I am recommending is about two times the amount that the anti tamper cap will allow. This cap can be turned about 3/8 turn without removing it. If you can do this in the clockwise direction you might try that first. I don't think it is enough. I also would want to look into why, if you need more than 1.5 turns to suit your taste.

The link I sent should have picked out the 722.3/4 data index. Check out the part about necessary procedures for rebuilding, full of tips.

I just tried it and it does bring up the index I wanted. The search engine say Acura but ignor it unless you want a different field. The rebuild minimum (do or die) is the item I refer to above. All the items on that index refer to the 722.3/4 trans.
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