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124 Transmission issue, checking ATF

I just put a new radiator in my 91 300TE. I added some ATF for the bit that leaked out when I unhooked the trans lines from the old radiator.

During the test drive, it wouldn't upshift from 2nd. It pauses a bit from a start as well. It does this in reverse too, but that is the same as it was before the radiator change. Now, it pauses for about twice as long before moving in reverse.

Honestly, I've never checked the ATF on this car. I'm not sure what I'm looking for when I look at the dipstick. I've warmed it up, it's on level ground, and the engine is running. When I take the dipstick out, I can see some fluid on it, but it's VERY light. I have to look closely just to see that there is fluid on it. Is that how it's supposed to be? Or should the level be really clear to see, like when you check the oil?

Could my symptoms be caused by too little or too much fluid? It's possible that I put in too much. Is there something else that I can check?

Thanks in advance. You guys have helped me with a lot of work on this car.
- Brian
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