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I've had the car for about 4 years. I got it at 116k and an independent MB Tech completely went through the car and fixed most of the problem areas. It's got 154,8xx right now. I want to get my first high mileage badge this month, so I need to get this thing purring.

A little more history about the transmission:

The only other work that I know has been done to it is that a shifter linkage bushing was replaced. The gear selector wasn't staying put.

Previously, I noticed that there's a clunk when shifting from 2nd to 3rd when the car was cold. That may or may not be related...

I was just out there checking for vacuum hoses that may have come unplugged, and noticed something else. After I put the car in nuetral and rev it (or drive it) I am unable to shift into P. It's blocked at R. If I go back to D and then put it into P, it goes smoothly.

I'm really $afraid$ of a transmission rebuild at this point, so I'm looking for the easy way out. Should I try an ATF flush and fill to see if that helps?

Could this be caused by too little or too much fluid? I checked the fluid again and it looks like it could be low (just at the bottom mark), but I don't want to overfill it. Also, do I need to wipe the dipstick clean and then check the level like when checking the oil?

Sheesh, I feel pretty useless. I can change the radiator, solder the starter relay, and do other basic work, but I don't know how to properly check the ATF.
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