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1983 240d
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Originally posted by LarryBible

With that said, if you are still bent on this project, look through some old posts here for some information on a 4.X litre Chevy V6 into a 123 wagon. There is much detail offered including some good photographs. The gentlemen that did the swap apparently did an excellent job. I don't know if you have done such work before, if you have, I'm sure you know that you will need several additional skills beyond normal car maintenance and repair, including good welding skills/equipment.

I saw an older 300SEL (60's) with what looked like a chevy small block in it... the only problem i have with that is I would lose the whole fact of reliability in the car... as you can surely tell me, 240's are mileage cars, as yours has 533k miles on it. I would love to fit it with a 280E engine, but with little experience, i dont know all I would need to change. I would love to put a 200hp engine in it, but the weight of the car would probably kill the "speedy" aspect of that.... anyway i am about to look for the old postings and will keep up with questions.... Thanks for the quick reply
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