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WTB W124 trunk lock switch parts?

OK, here is the problem: I open the car using the trunk lock instead of the door lock then when I place the key in the switch the headlights flash on and off, because the alarm was activated. I have to get out, lock then unlock the car from the driver's door then I can drive it without the headlights doing their thing! (the alarm horn has been disconnected already).
I can live with this problem but I am worried that if my wife or the nephew drives the car they won't know what is going on (the word clueless comes to mind) and if they drive down the road with headlights flashing (fortunately at night this doesn't happen because the way the headlight switch overrides the alarm flashers) its sure to raise some concern if a cop sees it!

Why couldn't MB have made it wig-wag? that would be cool!

I think the trunk lock has a switch on it that is defective, am I on the right path here or could it be something else?
finally, does any body have one fs? '87 300D turbo
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