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Hmm. I'm not familiar with the particular layout of this engine, so others will later tell you more, I'm sure. But from your picture, it looks like one of the hard plastic vacuum lines. I would have to wonder why the fan had been hitting it. If the fan is loose on its bearing or viscous coupler, you will probably want to set that right pretty soon, before it goes through the radiator or something even more expensive.

But it could be as simple as the routing. Could be it would be better routed behind the radiator hose where it was unlikely to contact the fan. Hard to make out by the picture.

In any case, that plastic vacuum hosing is pretty cheap. Available at the dealer. May have to order it, since it lasts forever ordinarily. I would replace it before the vacuum leak comes, if it hasn't already. It comes with a color stripe ordinarily, by the way, so you might want to see which color before ordering. If they don't have the right color, take whatever and swap it out later when it comes in. Only danger is possible confusion in future when relying on color to identify function or routing.

Would have to see the VDO device more closely to identify. Off the top of my head, I think my ABS or perhaps ignition unit are VDO. Wouldn't want to be fooling around too much with either of those. But if you replace the hose you may not have to ever know what it is*

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