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My test of Delvac 1 in a gas engine vehicle was abruptly terminated yesterday after 8000 miles. A Mercury Grand Marquis slammed into the back of our Toyota 4 Runner. Pushed us over the curb into a tree 65 feet from the point of impact, and rolled us over (full 360 degree slow barrel roll). Observations as follows:

1. Engine seemed to like the Delvac 1. Zero oil consumption in 8000 miles except for topping off after filter change at 5000. Oil was getting a bit darker than the Mobil 1 used to, which, to me, indicates it was doing it's job.

2. Buckle your seat belts. All 4 doors opened when the truck rolled. We would have been seriously injured if not belted in. As it is, we are still picking glass out of our elbows, but no other real injuries. You may be the best driver on the road, but the other guy damn sure isn't. Buckle up, please.

3. Headrests are a good thing.

4. HANG UP AND DRIVE! If you are jabbering on a cell phone, you aren't watching where you are going. Pull over if you want to talk on the damn phone.

5. A cell phone, when propelled by an airbag, can pretty well take an ear off. All the blood sure messes up the upholstry.

6. If you are driving an SUV, you might want to reconsider if you really need one or not. If this had been a normal sedan or wagon, it would not have rolled.

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