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Kelly Pepper
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89 300SE Exsesive Oil Consumption and Stuck Window


I just bought this car August 18th. It shows 85K miles.

This past weekend I went on a 500 mile trip and before leaving I checked the oil and noticed that it was down a quart, so I added it!

On my return, my oil light came on so I stopped and checked it AGAIN. The car was down another quart of oil.

It does not leak any fluids of any kind.

Is this normal???

During the same return trip, my wife decided to put one of the back windows down and now we're unable to get it back up. We can hear the motor but it's not lifting the window.

I'm a bit "steamed" about these few issues since I've only owned this "beauty" for one month.

After buying it, I also noticed that the cruise doesn't work. The stalk doesn't even "spring back".
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