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Glad you're okay!

First and foremost, I'm glad you're okay! It SUCKS to get hit from behind-hope you at least saw it coming. Now, you were rear-ended and the airbag(s) blew? Tough I understand it, Benzes (with bags of course) only deploy the bags upon frontal impact, and then only when the impact's within a certain variance from direct-on. But then again, with MBZs the SRS system usually includes seatbelt pretensioners too, so you're forced firmly into place in a hit from the rear so bags are obviated.

And the doors opened? Definite design fault-doors shouldn't open unless you ask them/demand them to. Shame on you Toyota

Cell phone implications? I presume you'll be a hands-free proponent henceforth, eh

Your accident is certainly an advertisement for more sophisticated safety systems and proper engineering. I've owned several Toyotas, and a nasty rear-end collision is a big part of why I changed marques (sucker folded like a wet paper cup). Being a guy with a wife and 3 kiddies, most in my circumstance choose either an SUV or a minivan. I chose, for the same money, a used 300TE. It took a hit to the rear quarter once, and I was amazed at how little damage there was.

And I hope I NEVER take advantage of its passive safety features.

So, what will you replace that truck with?
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