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Originally posted by Jim Anderson
Keep an eye on the brake reservoir. As the pistons are pushed in they are pushing brake fluid into the reservoir. If its already full it can overflow.
True. -- That is the advantage of opening the bleeder as you push the caliper back in. The res. level stays the same and you are
not pushing the caliper fluid [ which is usually pretty bad from braking heat] back to the master.
I use a clear plastic hose and container so I can check the fluid condition at the same time. Close bleeder as soon as the cal. is back in.
After changing the pads , open the bleeder again with hose still attached and gravity bleed for a moment and you should be all set. [ again, the clear hose will show solid fluid and color]
By using an offset 9mm box end wrench on the bleeder and then slipping the hose over the nipple, the wrench stays on the bleeder and is opened and closed as needed until that set is done.
Again, keep an eye on the res. fill level.
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