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vibration at low speeds even after balancing and alignment

Hi everyone,

My 94 C280 has had a vibration problem for some time now. Even after tire balancing and alignment and new or old tires. I did a search and only found vibrations at higher speeds... This vibration is a medium frequency vibration that doesnt change depending on speed... but disappears after 45mph. The lower control arms have been replaced as of last year. I have a slight click (as if something is loose) if I turn the wheel (swing it side to side)... the same noise also occurs as I hit the little reflectors on the road at 10mph but not at speeds above. Is this a sign to change the inner or outer tierods? the ball joints? the shocks? The MB shop has no clue what's wrong...and I cant go to anyone else because there is no other MB shop unless I ship my car off to Hawaii.. oh also the Idler arm bushing was changed and so was the steering dampener shock. I have a feeling that these things are related but I dont want to spend $2000 dollars to get rid of this annoyance by replacing parts that dont need replacing. Does anyone have any insight? thanks!!!

'94 MB C280 Lorinser Sport Suspension
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