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thank you much john...

hehe... I was just curious about the C36 and the relationship with the 2.8L engine. But I dont think i will be converting the 2.8 to the 3.6 as someone before told me the exact same thing you just told me!!! I should have broken up my questions as they were actually two different things. I want to keep my current C280. I will lower the car with the lorinser pro kit that i have sitting in my living room ... I want new rims... I will change out the stereo system... maybe a bodykit... and I just want a little bit of tweaking for the engine... maybe modified intake and exhaust and/or anything else to get the most bang for my buck... dont know where to get those exhaust and intake (what brand to get and where to order)...

hmmm... $20,000? here in guam since our economy has suffered a lot since the reduction of military troops at our local US bases, cars, especially MB's are not selling very well... mine will go for $7,000 USD even at its immaculate state!!! Well anyway... I'm just looking through my options

'94 MB C280 Lorinser Sport Suspension
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