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kewl.... thanks!!!

HAHHA.. you know.. I think I'll give it a year or until the lights burn out... I love the look of HID so maybe I'll really just go and dish out the >$1000 for the HID.... But I'll definitely not go out and buy a C36 engine for my 280!!! haha.... I'm just slowly upgrading all the junk on the car as everything starts breaking down.. I'm sure within 3-5 years that the bulbs will burn out.. the exhaust will need replacing.. the rear light housing will crack (already starting to), and my stock suspension will need changing... I'll upgrade all those stuff when it breaks... good plan? yes no?


future just for kix mods are the soundsystem, bodykit, rims, and lcd/dvd I dont plan on selling this thing.. and I plan on passing it down to my grandchildren as memorabilia of the MB Cclass. I'm sure that it will still be working at that time... and maybe be a collector's item.. er.. maybe not... because of all the mods I will do..
'94 MB C280 Lorinser Sport Suspension
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