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Re: More Horsepower?

Originally posted by WinstonHong
I want to get more horsepower from my 1992 300CE but not sure what would be the most feasible (or not feasible) way of achieving this. I was thinking of getting the valve train "Ported & Polished" but not sure if anyone here in Houston, Tx. will do the work properly or even at all.
Would like some feedback in getting more power from those of you who have done so! Thanks...Winston
Hi Winston,
Unfortunately, there isn't an easy way to do it. The engineering and build quality of the engine is good enough where a "port and polish" job isn't going to do much without major changes to the engine (more displacement, higher compression, etc...). Aftermarket chips or ignition won't do much either. The engine management system is very well thought out. Think about it, over 200 Hp from 3 liters; that ain't bad at all. An exhaust system is the only place where I think any money would be well spent. I don't mean a cat back system, but the whole thing including the catalyst.
It's amazing how quickly we all get used to whatever power a car might have and want more...and more. Every spring when I get my 6.3 out of storage...WOW! I feel like I'm in the astronaut training program being tested for tolerance to G-forces. Then, as the Summer wears really isn't that big a deal.
Randy D.
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