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I place the quality of the parts in the order you listed Lemforder, Febi, and................ Meyle. Meyle used to be a good manufacturer, but they were bought out and have become a reboxer.

I only use Lemforder, Febi and TRW-Germany. I use about 50% of all suspension pieces OE from MB direct. Many of the repair parts are relatively cheap from MB, I can't justify trying to save money on materials where labor costs are high.

As example take the motor mount used most commonly in 123/126 chassis cars: 123 241 30 13. It lists for $18. I can buy Lemforder for $9. I can buy from MB for 12.96. I charge 97.50 for labor. There is no percentage in it for me to risk the possibility of a mount with poorer construction or rubber content.
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