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Question Lifter noise

I've been here reading for quite a few months, the advice posted always seems genuine, helpfull and relevant...that said, here is my question.
I own a '95 E-320 wagon with 81,000 miles. I bought the car with 70,000 miles and have done oil changes every 2,000 miles since I purchased the car. The engine is in great shape and does not burn any oil. This morning when I started the car there was a loud valve clattering. The car ran for about 20 seconds before I shut it off. I checked the oil level and is was fine. Restarted the engine...same noise. Shut off again after about 20 sec. run time and went to get my stethescope to pin-point the noise.
When I was ready to listen, I re-started the engine and there was NO NOISE!? . Have any of you experienced this before? I am an ASE certified master mechanic, but this is my first mercedes.
Any help will be appreciated, and thanks again for all who give consideration.
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