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Cable position

Dear Mr. Brotherton /Mr. Ellington
Wouldn't a slack cable contribute to a higher shift RPM?
The slackness in the cable would force the throttle reach a higher swing postion and therefore a higher RPM before the transmission would detect a tug on the cable by the throttle mechanism at Rod (4)?
My impression is that the more taut the cable, the faster the transmission will detect a change in throttle position by a quicker cable movement and will therefore shift faster, at a lower RPM.
My final idea is that I was reading all the newsgroups today on the 1985 300D Automatic, and hypothetically, the transmission should be dead now because the car has 232000 miles on it. I saw almost 20 messages on the Google Website. However when I bought the car at a junkyard, there was an AOPA (Aircraft Owners Pilots Association) sticker on it which convinces me it was well maintained and well driven. The car had new brakes, calipers and fresh oil.
Respectfully, Richard Chang
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