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1985 Auto transmission lifespan

I did a search on under their Newsgroups Search Engine for 1985 Mercedes Automatic Transmission. I saw many messages implying that these transmissions should be in need of rebuild by 131,000 miles.
I bought an 1985 300d back in January for $400 with 231K on it and with really Sluggish acceleration starting out of a dead stop.
I thought the reason other buyers were scared of it was Fuel Supply problems. I have put a lot of work in the car; some of the problem was indeed Fuel supply and timing.
The engine top half was rebuilt by me. I'm pretty sure now the engine and fuel pp are great.
The car still needs to be revved to get it moving, but some of that was Linkage and also its a Diesel. It still will a 110 mph easy.
I'm just wondering what the lifespan on these units are? I love these cars .
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