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Nope, didn't see it coming.

Our vehicle did not have an airbag. It was the car that hit us which popped the airbag.

I stand at least partly corrected as far as the doors opening. Linda remembers opening hers. I don't remember opening mine. It is possible that a rescuer opened my door. The 2 back doors, however, were locked, so they would not have been opened from the outside. I believe they opened during the rollover. The damage seems to confirm that.

I will no longer use a cell phone while driving. Not even hands free type. You shouldn't either. You really can't afford to.

Not sure what to replace it with. Don't know what the insurance company will do, but I bet they won't pay what it was worth. Replacement cost has nearly doubled in the last 10 years. Might look at E320 wagons. Might go with a full size pickup. Will have to do some studying and looking in the next few weeks.

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