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I've tried both of these as well as Mintex and OE on my E420 (94). The OE's work great and are quiet and create a lot of dust. Axxis has both metal masters and deluxe. The deluxe pad is quiet, works great, and has somewhat less dust than the OE's (about half). The Axxis metalmasters have very little dust, but will wear the rotors much faster. The Mintex has problems with the fitment listings on US spec cars. Less dust than OE and Axxis deluxe, but more than metal master. They tended to cause a buildup on the rotor that gave an uneven feel to the brakes. EBC's were a major disappointment. SQUEAL!!!!!

My choice is the Axxis deluxe, might try the metalmasters next time, but doubt it, the brake dust is very tolerable with the deluxe.

HOpe this helps.
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