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Question where is the idle speed control module located?

I couldn't find one in my 85 W126 380sel Hong Kong model. I think it's the same car as the Euro model.

Under the dashboard on the driver's side (right hand drive model)
is the cruise control box 003 545 XX XX with 14 pin connector. Is this where the control module is suppose to be?

Nothing under the dash of the passenger side accept the a/c things.

Under the hood between the firewall in the middle is a Bosch made rectangular box that looks like a computer or some kind of engine management thing.

But there wasn't any 002 545 40 32 control unit anywhere.

The idle speed acuator 141 13 25 has a 2 pin connector but what is controlling this idle speed acuator as I can't find any control module anywhere.

I want to check it as the car is doing 900rpm when idle.

Is there some other kind of electronic controlling the idle acuator and thus the idle speed if this particular car do not come with a control module.

Pls help!
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