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What are the symptoms and how many miles? Recent valve adjust and fresh fuel filters? Or are you just crabbing about rough stone cold idle performance, in which case you've just gotta get used to it.

Gotta be a diesel mechanic somewhere in your neighborhood. Surf the MB Shops Forum here for specialized MB mechanics in every state. Or ask around at the nearest truck stop mechanics shop, tractor dealership or farm/feed store. Be glad when regular automobile mechanics turn you away, they are doing you a favor. It means they dont know how to diagnose the diesel engine.

(edit: And yeah, its a good idea to rely on a professional for your first tuneup. Especially if your brand new 300TD is a complete unknown to you - then you will have established a standard basis from which you will notice if anything else goes wrong or needs maintenance after you've put another 20k miles on the car. Ask him to flush tranny fluid, differential, coolant and hydraulic systems too. And hand him the owner's manual that specifies what fluids to use if MB's aint his specialty. I nearly tossed a BMW mechanic through the window of his shop for putting the wrong tranny fluid (gear oil) in my 4-spd, but thats another story.

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