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I have a 1988, 420 SEL, @ 75K miles. It's the rear pads that I'm concerned about. The front pads and disks were replaced shortly before I bought the car. The pre-purchase inspection indicated 40% of the rear pads remaining. After buying the car I had the timing chain replaced and while the car was in the shop (Mercedes), the rear brakes were inspected, without my prompting. I was told that the rear pads had only 20% remaining and that the disks (or drums) are so thin that they should be replaced. BTW, I've put only a few hundered miles on the car. The mechanic doing the prepurchase inspection didn't mention the condition of the rear disks. Thanks for you comments. It's very helpful to have this resource to help me understand some of these technical things about our car. We love the car; it's the greatest car I've ever owned. Jerry
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