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Unhappy same thing last week

Hey guys I went to car wash last week to give it a once over with the wagon (1982 w123 280 te) and as I was going thru water was pouring in from and around the panel where the visor is all over me , easy 200 to 500 ml.
I did change the sunroof cassete last year so Im also stumped wher the water is comming from maybe the windscreen seals?
Anybody else had this problem?
Also on the back tailgate (Rear door of wagon) water is getting in thru seals , but these are new is there any way of perhaps tightening the door in the closed position? This way the door is hard up against the new seals. Also did stick extra rubber moulding on door the thin stuff you get here at Clarke rubber but the glue gives way as soon as summer gets the door hot the glue gives way
Any help also appreciated here
cheers from BB
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