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Originally Posted by sanjivsai
Dear All,

I have a CLK 230K (1999) with automatic climate control. I have just had the gas filled for the AC. Now I find that when I switch it to "LO" there is no cold air coming from the vents - I can only describe the air as humid.

Does anyone have any suggestions, as to the possible cause and what to do next.

Thanking you in advance for your help.


You have a N22 in your car, I believe. It provides quite a bit of diagnostic information. Hold the "REST" button for >6 seconds until the display changes. If it does, you'll have to search for the meaning of the sensor readouts (which you select with the "AUTO" keys). Or report back with the readings for all of the entries, and if I have more time, I'll look at the diagonstic manual. Or (perhaps more likely), someone else will chime in with an interpretation.

There are also trouble codes available, but I don't recall the procedure to extract them... I'd have to look this up.
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