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aftermarket radiators versus recoring

I have a choice between recoring my all-metal MB radiator (hardly anybody does this anymore - there are very few shops to choose from) or buying an aftermarket radiator (MB wants 3x the aftermarket price for an OE radiator!!).

I've found that the price of a recore is about that same as the price of a new copper-with-brass-tank aftermarket radiator...the aftermarket radiators I've been quoted prices on so far include CSF, Wolverine, Accent (swedish?), and Visteon.

The radiator supply houses I've called are basically telling me that aftermarket radiators are all pretty much the same in terms of construction (e.g., they meet or exceed MB specs), price, and warranty (e.g., most lifetime).

Has anybody heard of any of these brands...had any experience with aftermarket radiators?

Should I recore my old radiator or go with a new aftermarket radiator (and from which manufacturer - or does it really matter)?

W115 76 300D
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