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Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the response.

It really does not depend on speed. For example,
if the car is in park in my driveway with the
engine either off or on, I can take my fist and
lightly pound on the top of the steering wheel
and hear the rattle, but only 1 repetition of
the rattle i.e. a single blip of the noise.
I "believe" that I have heard the noise when
lightly "pounding" on the fuse box area too.
In this case also, it is only a single note
and not a "echoing" type of rattle-rattle-rattle.

Also when it /is/ making the noise, I can make it
happen by being at a standstill (engine running)
and releasing the brakes so the car moves only as
much to jerk the body a bit. So my point is that
it can happen under the least amount of movement
(when it wants to).

I have had passengers listen to it including the
dealer and they all agree that it sounds like
it is coming from behind the instrument cluster
area. It may be in front of the firewall, but
nevertheless, that is the general region. I have
played with most everything in the area to no

As far as being repeatable, yes but only after it
"decides" that it wants to do it. I never know
for sure that it will start making the noise.

Also, when it is /not/ making the noise, and I go
over a rough road (construction, example) it
will /not/ make the noise. i.e. it has to be in
the part of its cycle where it "wants" (for
lack of a better word) to make the rattle.

Another clue: It starts out very quietly and
with only a few noises, then quickly builds to
a louder and more frantic rattle. As far as the
level of noise, consider this: It's about as
loud as a desktop Windows-based PC is when it
is accessing the disk. Maybe a little louder.
So it's not going to make me go deaf, only crazy.

thanks for any other thoughts...
- Jeff

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