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Sorry for the delayed response. Thanks for the help.
One thought, if I plug in the block heater the car starts and runs just fine with no smoke or rough idle.
Also as of late under hard throttle she smokes a small amount of quite dark smoke which is normal , right? From a standing start I mean.
Also had an old MB diesel fan drive the car and his response was it must be a normal thing with this car with 204000 miles on the clock, it runs too good to have any major problems. He said most owners would or could live with this minor problem.
Also new glow plugs, and re-built injectors. GP timing length and power are correct.
Problem starts after the after glow and lasts until abt. 60Deg. C., unless you give it abt. half throttle and hold it there for a min. or so, then she runs like a top.
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