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Been there done that. The seat problem is most probably the switch in the door. The antenna is fixable, assuming that it is not bent. To remove it, turn on the radio, then unscrew the nut at the base of the antenna. While holding the antenna, have someone turn off the radio. It will try to retract. Let it do its thing. Then turn on the radio. It will start to extend. Hold on to it cuz it will push the slotted nylon rod all the way out.

I have had several antennas not work from dirt that accumulates in the telescoping tubes. Using solvent and grease, work the antenna in and out while trying to dislodge the dirt inside. Get it nicely greased up so it slides easily. Keep working it till it is totally free. Then the fun begins.

To reinstall, turn the radio on. Feed the nylon slotted rod into the antenna hole. Be sure that the teeth are facing forward. The rod will be curled and you might have to straighten it at the end by bending it in the opposite direction timm it is somewhat straight. You have to be sure that you push it far enough in to engage the gear inside that meshes with it. When you have made contast with the internal gear, have someone turn off the radio and it will begin to retract the antenna. Then put the nut back on. Easy as pie.
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