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Question help me locate the OVP relay on '75 450SL

New to this forum and definitely a newbie to Mercedes Benz cars ... just bought a 1975 450SL and am having rough idle and hard starts when engine is hot issues.
-Read/searched through the forum and have decided to try and replace the ovp relay to see if it has any effect as the symptoms described in the postings seem very similar to my own.
-Everyone points to the relay being located behind the battery, the problem is that the battery on my 450SL has been transplanted by previous owner to be in the trunk! Where the battery would normally be I can spot no plastic panel behind which I would expect to find this OVP relay. There's nothing looking like a relay near the battery's new location in the trunk.
-Does anyone know where else I can look? I found a bunch of relays above the fuse box in the footwell on the passenger side but none of them matched the description I found in the forum of having a fuse on the top.
-If you've a picture of an ovp relay for a 75 450SL, that'd be great or at least a Mercedes Part number so I can have the local Autozone do a cross-reference.

thanks in advance

dom chang
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