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'93 300E (2.8) transmission overfill

I just bought a '93 300E (2.8 engine) and gave it a complete tune-up. I changed the transmission oil and filter the same way as I always did on my '86. Drained the oil from the tranny and then from the torque converter, replaced the filter and poured in 6 liters of fresh oil. According to the owner's manual and my previous experience it takes 6 liters after a complete drain. However this time halfway through the sixth liter, oil started to pour out from the top of transmission somewhere as fast as I was putting it (I could not see the source of the leak from beneath the car). I drained it again, put in approximately 5 liters, less what was on the ground already and started the car. It runs fine, however it is impossible to check the amount of fluid in the transmission because the reading off of the dipstick is not clear. Tried many many times to no success. Did anyone have this experience before? I was under the impression that the transmission is a sealed unit. The car is wonderful though.
Thanks for your input.

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