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I posted a question like this a few months ago and got an excellent response from some members, although the solutions provided looked to complicated.

My 1995 E320T was ordered (stupidly) from the factory with the 4-speed auto (instead of the little more expensive 5-speed auto). I thought for a country like mine, where highways are a rare sight, a 5-speed would be a waste. Later I realized that the 4-speed auto is programmed to start in 2nd gear. On the other hand, the 5-speed auto is programmed to start in 1st (better pick-up).

It is definitely annoying and frustrating (the 2nd gear start), and it really bugs me to have to press to gas pedal further than I have to everytime to call on 1st at start-ups.

The 5-speed auto that came standard in my S320 is another story. Even though both cars have the same engine, the E320T feels like an E200 compared to the S320, and all the blame is pointing to the transmission.

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