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1983 240d
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haha... thanks... actually its funny that you mention that because i found a (potential) buyer for the benz and it is going to be left at my mechanics tonight to have him check it out and make it completely "sellable". I am thinking about moving to an Audi A4 1.8T quattro, with a stick (for extra fun) or a tiptronic. If I can sell the benz, i think this is the best choice for me... according to where I am going to be living next year for college, but the benz is a car I have loved since before I was born, and my first ride in it was my first day alive, so I cannot complain about that. However with the changing times, the benz is just too slow, and too bad in the snow for my needs. If the buyer backs down and doesnt want it, I will definately consider a 300E engine in it, though. THanks for the reply.
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