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85 300SD - aka The Trail King

Being a hiker in the great Northwest means a lot of driving on forest service roads to get to the trailhead. These roads are unpaved, potholed, washboarded, steep, and for the most part travelled by SUV's.

The 126 performs like a champ in this environment. It just eats up the bumps and handles perfectly. Its funny to watch people in SUV's bouncing around inside their cabins as they rumble over the rough road while I'm cruising in comfort down a steep climb. Pretty cool.

I did hit a snag though. When I was descending, I put it in 2nd and let the engine do the braking. After about 45 minutes the road levelled out and I finally engaged the throttle again. When I did, the gas pedal was sticky. Actually, its only sticky when you initially engage the pedal. I have to give it a little push with my foot and then the pedal works normally. I lubed all of the ball joints on the throttle assembly, but no change. Any ideas?
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