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Tom Schumacher
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190E 2.3 Transmission

I have a low mileage 1993 190E 2.3 - black. Recently I had my mechanic of 9 plus years (he works on my Gelaendewagen as well) do a series of routine fluid and filter changes. He changed the transmission filter and fluid. Tonight I discovered that he over filled the transmission. I am concerned because the level is high on the stick (at operating temperature 80 degrees C.). But worse, I can see a small amount of fluid that has coated the underside of my car. Not much, but some.

The transmission works fine, but I am concerned that if over filled, does the transmission have an overflow allowing at least some of the excess fluid to escape? If not, from where could the fluid have escaped? Seals? The transmission is still over full, and I plan to take it to him tomorrow, but a little more information would help.


Thank you for this forum.

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