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pros and cons of 93 400E

First off, I did search the archives so I do have a lot of info. Thanks to all who contributed. I'm mostly fishing for info that bears a second mention.

There's a 93 400E available in ideal-to-me white with grey leather. It has 95K miles. Outside of PPI findings, what are the pros and cons of this car? How soon will it likely need head gaskets, a valve job, a timing chain, a water pump and other such things that mortals can't tackle themselves? I've done these things on an M116/7 and it looks no more complex on an M103. The M119 is like nothing I've seen before.

I enjoy the ease with which I can do basic service on my 91 300SE. Are filter changes much more difficult than on an M103 or M117?

Is the EPA rating of 18/24 representative of what folks get? My 300SE gets all of 17mpg. Anything over that helps justify the trade.

91 300SE
81 300SD
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